We are all things CO.

Our services don’t come with a manual: they’re personalized to your needs. We work in a 360 degrees perspective of coworking. We are all things CO. Bring us your challenge!

Cowork Consultancy

We want to help you make your project grow. Together, we create a strategy and design a process to make it happen. We brainstorm to define the concept, we think to build the branding and we analyze to put a business plan together. Step by step, we will Co.Work together with the same goal in mind: successful growth.

→ Here I would suggest to put a design showing the Co.Work consultancy methodology like Client + US = Define Strategy + Implementation Or smth like that.

and then list the things that we do like:

  • strategy brainstorming + definition + implementation,
  • workshops
  • branding
  • concept definition
  • Project Management

Community Management & HR Recruitment

The success of a project is only measured by the quality of its people and CO.Works is all about creating a community of amazing individuals. We will find the best matches to your project identity, build the perfect team to take it further and help you manage all this talent. From top management to operations, we find the right people and give them the best tools.

Communication & Events

Networking events, team-building sessions, after-work cafés, job fairs, product launches… we could keep going. Regardless the type of event, we can plan it from catering to venues, communicate it, manage the logistics and make it happen. Define your goal, we’ll do the rest.

Retreats & Learning Expedition

We strongly believe that companies are responsible for feeding their employees creativity and capacity for change, to inspire them and remind them why they’re passionate about their jobs. We will help you motivate your team and bring them together with a unique purpose… always with a great scenery.

Co.Creative Projects

Do you have a crazy idea and you’re looking for someone to help you develop it? Do you have a great project and you want to make it grow? Do you want to communicate your business within an international community? We’re here to walk you through all the steps.

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